Sunday morning

Good morning all well it is perishingly cold here today no snow just very cold.  I had a nice day yesterday and spent the morning visiting a friend which made a change from being trapped in the house.  Lunch was using up left overs in the freezer so I can now get back to catering for 4.  I think I have used up all the things for 3.  Todays shop should be easier as four is always easier than three.

Mikes over bed table arrived and we assembled it which was extremely easy it was just a case of pushing bits into place no tools required.  I bought myself a pulse oximeter and have checked Mikes O2 levels which drop dramatically when he is off the machine.  He really does need to be on it for most of the day.  I was told 16 hours per day which actually means all day then off at night when he is asleep and using minimal O2.  I am still having great trouble in persuading him to get out of bed he seems to feel that he needs 24hour nursing care which is not the case yet!!!!

I took a leaf from Joys book and have ordered and adult colouring book and pencils in the hope that he might be interested and will at least sit up to do that.  He spent 38 years as a draughtsman so if there is one thing he knows about it is pencils.  Anyway fingers crossed if this fails I will be only too happy to take it from him and do it myself.

I had a bit a a disaster with my knitting and have managed to knit two left fronts so one has had to be ripped out and redone good job it is not an adult cardigan.  Just goes to show that my mind is elsewhere.

Anyway the day is marching on and I have chores to do not to mention shopping.  Have a good day all I think I am going for a nice easy Sunday lunch a chicken in the halogen oven and a selection of vegetables.
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