Sunday morning

Good morning all.  We had a busy day yesterday as the oxygen was delivered at the crack of dawn and a very nice guy explained what we needed to do.  He too was concerned about the gas fire so we have taken off the knob so it is impossible to light.  Candles have been removed as well as the shot gun cartridges which lived under the sofa.  We also rearranged the furniture to make it easier for Mike to move around.  I now have a huge arm chair in the dining room so the furniture in that room also had to be rearranged.  Mike had accumulated several piles of paper work so a shredding session was also in order.  I also charged up his iPad and made sure he couldn't inadvertently buy a  Rolls-Royce.  Today I am going to go shopping and make sure we are prepared for 4 people meals rather than 3.  I hope we are all set up ready to receive Mike home which we think will probably be tomorrow.  The occupational therapist put me through a grilling about the lay out of the house and what facilities we have available.  She even wanted me to measure the height of the bed and the toilet which are both standard heights.  I have also ordered a multi adjustable table so he can eat his meals with his oxygen on.  Have I missed anything?

We have been a bit remiss with the laundry so today we are doing clothes and tomorrow the beds will be done.  We are going to have a brunch rather than lunch actually a full english is on the menu including a fried slice.  Really bad!!!! The dogs have had their walk and a swim so they are wet rather than muddy which is much better.  Oh the lovely smell of wet dog!!!!

Well that is the plan for the day and now it is time for a cup of coffee and shower and put the plan into action.  Have a good day all

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