Sunday morning

Guess who had a lovely time out on his walk yesterday?  And guess who had to have a bath!!!! You don't want to see my carpets but nothing a good hoovering will not remove.  He refuses to get in the bath but once in he is a good as gold.  Even Tubby was filthy so he too had a bath.  Once Dan was out and towel over he dashed straight into my room and jumped in my bed to dry himself off so I was left with a wet bed oh well the sheets needed changing anyway.

Mike has been moved to a side ward on a female ward while they wait for a bed in rehab to come available.  He is not best pleased however they have taken him off his oxygen and he seems to be managing OK which is one of the criteria for getting him home.  He now has a functioning phone and called me for a chat this morning so things are looking brighter.  Of course today is Sunday so the hospital is run by fairies and nothing is likely to happen until next week.  Fingers crossed that a bed becomes available in rehab and he can finally leave the hospital.

James car had its MOT yesterday and with a few tweaks it is now legal.  I am now at the pottering around stage with intermittent periods of knitting and copious amounts of sleep. This time I am going to take things really slowly and make sure I am completely better before I take up the reins of control. The last thing I want is to crash again just a Mike is due to come home.

I have had my first cup of coffee in a week so that is good sign that I am on the mend but I am in no rush so gently does it.

Have a good day all it is still wet and windy here and we are all having a lie in and a gentle start to the day. 
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