Saturday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday I had a chat with the sister in charge of the rehab unit and Mike is still kicking off refusing to do things so they are going to discharge him but she said they would try and keep him over the weekend to give me a chance to make preparations for his return on oxygen.  My big fear is that we have gas appliances and they do not go well with oxygen and I would rather he didn't blow my house up.  I have had a 5 lever dead lock put on the front door as Mike will open it to anyone so I need to be able to lock it from the inside.  Today the boys and I are going to have a go at rearranging the furniture in the front room to accommodate the oxygen compressor which is the size of a two drawer filing cabinet.  The room is already stuffed with a three piece suite and a bed and bedside table so we will need to do a bit of thinning out.  In fact I am wondering if I should get rid of the suite and make the room a proper bedroom rather than a temporary solution.  I have done this once before when I looked after Mikes mum in her dotage.  In fact I think the sitting room has spent more time as a bedroom than as a sitting room.  I think any chance of moving has been missed.

The hunters pie worked out ok but was a bit bland in flavour but at least it used up the game from the freezer.  The last of it ended up on the dogs breakfast and they were well impressed!!!!! It has been wet and windy overnight but is now still and dry but how long that will last who knows.

My halogen oven had been playing up the fan kept stopping so as they are not too expensive I ordered a new one which has a hinged lid and digital controls which is absolutely superb so I am very happy with that.  It arrived yesterday and was put straight to work.  It has some preset functions including sterilising which as yet I have not investigated.  Might be useful for sterilising jam jars.  It also has a rice cooking function which takes 30 minutes I think a saucepan might be quicker!!!! Anyway I will have some fun playing with it.

I think this is all the news for now, much to do so I had better make a start.  Have a good weekend all
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