Saturday morning

Good morning all well we now have the wind and rain but I am still walking several feet off the ground.  Dan is a little confused as to why he is flavour of the month after all he was just doing what he was bred for.  He spent most of yesterday snoozing and recovering from so much exercise and having to use his brain all day.  He was not the only one taking it easy Denzil and I too were nursing sore muscles.  Although James didn't come with us he was pleased as he had done a lot of training with Dan so he must take some of the credit.  The game keeper insisted that Denzil was paid for his work although we had said we didn't want paying.  

I did very little yesterday and just pottered around having spent ages in a hot shower loosening up the aching body.  I looked at the washing and ironing but decided it could all wait until I was in the mood.

The pharmacy has refilled Mikes prescription and put it all in a dosset box so he can manage his medication better.  He is on a lot of different tablets now which is all a bit confusing for him. However he is pottering around quite well without his oxygen on and I am wondering if he needs it as much as he did.  Only he can tell so I am leaving it up to him.  

Today I have some chicken thighs out of the freezer but I haven't decided quite what to do with them yet.  I may just put them in a roasting tray with lots of vegetables and whack them in the oven.  My coffee supplies are very low so I will have to take a trip to the magnificent shop one day next week which means Sandy and I can have a sumptuous breakfast.  I am in awe of her as she is going to pick up for the last day of the shooting season which is today.  By rights she should be as fit as a fiddle as she does this two or three times a week during the season.

Well thats about it for today the dogs are out with James and everyone else is still asleep so the house is silent.  Have a good weekend all.

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