Saturday morning

This week has flown by it has been a bit of a rollercoaster but I think we are gradually getting to grips with the new situation.  I made a nice tomato and Serrano ham sauce which we had over some pasta for lunch.  James returned from the dentist with his old tooth sort of glued in as a temporary fit but last night it just fell out so we are now back to square one.  Supper was some tuna fish cakes which I had made with left over mash and which we ate with a big chopped salad.  Today I have some pork belly strips which I intend to cook in a sort of oriental type sauce and serve with some rice.  I thought I would give them a blast in the pressure cooker before putting them in the oven so that they are meltingly tender.  We are also on the hunt for a letterbox for the front door; you would think it was easy but as the door is UPVC it is not as easy as you would think.  Currently we have a force 9 gale blowing into the porch through the rectangular hole where the letterbox used to be before it all disintegrated.

Did any of you watch "Trust me I am a doctor"  this week I was very interested in the finding about olive oil and its ability to ward off heart disease.  None of the other oils had the beneficial effects and it must be raw not used to cook with - for me that is easy as I love the stuff and I like it on salads in good quantities.  Apparently you need 20 mls per day to have a beneficial effect.  So take a leaf from the chefs who drizzle it over just about everything.  

The weather has warmed up considerably but it has rained on and off all day and the ground is back to being saturated and muddy.  However I have just had a call from a friend and we are set to walk the dogs in a short time so I had better get myself dressed and ready.  But first a cup of coffee!!!!!
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