Saturday morning

Good morning all a bit of a late start today but I had one of those nights where you wake on the hour every hour.  I finally fell into a deep sleep at 6am and slept for three hours solidly.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny day but it was very cold and today it is even colder but still sunny which is good for the spirits.  

We finally got round to having the ox cheek in beer and all the delay did nothing but improve the meat and oh boy was it good everyone was impressed and the gravy was to die for.  This is something I must do again.  Having had such a nice lunch we were happy to have a fish cake and some baked beans for supper.

Today my mind is a blank canvas as far as food is concerned and I will have to have a rummage around and see what I can find.  The dogs have had their walk and Dan came across ice for the first time which confused him as his legs went in all directions.  Very funny to watch!!! Skating is not his forte!!!!

Things are ticking along as expected with Mike he is gradually settling down and accepting his limitations with a bit more dignity and we are not getting so much venom coming in our direction. He is complaining bitterly about the cold but what do you expect pottering about in nothing but underpants!!!!

Well I am going to keep this short as I have agreed to go and visit a friend for coffee and a chat which will do me good to get out of the house for a bit. Fortunately I have the boys here to baby sit so I can escape for a couple of hours.

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you are lucky enough to have some.
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