Saturday morning

Good morning all.  I have lost track of the days and had to check with the computer that it was Saturday.  The boys went in to see Mike yesterday and retrieve his phone which is out of credit I am confused as to how this happened given that he has made 2 calls of a minute or so. Anyway I will stick a tenner on it so it should last him a little while.  I have made it very easy for him as there is only one number in the phone and that is us at home.  It is also a very old fashioned clam shell with no bells and whistles to confuse him.  He is now being shunted around the hospital from ward to ward which is not only confusing for him but for us too.  The boys will take his phone back to him today but I will phone first and check which ward he is on.  

The antibiotics are kicking in and I am beginning to feel a bit more human.  In an effort to keep myself sitting upright I have been knitting like mad and have finished another jacket and am halfway through a third.  It is still warm and wet and windy here but nothing to complain about especially when you see the pictures from the north.  Shiona is still in Scotland and they are suffering too she is very close to a loch but as they are tidal, I don't think they flood?

The dogs are out for their morning walk but as it is so muddy they come home pretty filthy but very happy.  We have found that the best solution is to just let the mud dry and fall off then run the hoover over the floors.  I think my carpets will need a good clean come the spring.  My new blinds are due in 10 days time and I am looking forward to having them fitted.  

Well thats about it for this morning hope you have a nice weekend and that you stay dry in your house.

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