Monday morning

Bit of a rocky night so another late start.  The sun is shining but I have gerbils clog dancing in my head.  Hopefully the party will slow down as I wake up fully I don't want to start the day with paracetamol and coffee.

Yesterday was all bit of a muddle with James having a bad night and sleeping in till lunch time so it was lunch for three and supper for four.  Today I have a pork fillet out of the freezer and as yet I haven't decided how to cook it.  I quite fancy a stroganoff and I have the cream and mushrooms so it will be nice and easy with a portion of rice.  

I have started to make a cot blanket with some of my wool supplies.  It is going to take a bit of knitting as each row is 121 stitches so takes a while.  I am a fairly quick knitter but even so it will take a while.  I have some lovely silk based petrol blue yarn which I think will make a really lovely border but first I have to get the main part knitted.

I bought Mike an adult colouring book but as yet he has not touched it which is a pity it seems that no matter what I try to get him interested in just doesn't seem to work.  His CPN is of the opinion that he has decided he is a victim and is working quite hard at maintaining that persona.  

Shiona has come back from Scotland following the funeral for her mother so we had a nice chat on the phone and I am hoping to go and see her next week.  This Thursday I am due to take Dan to his first shoot just to see how he reacts.  I have told Sandy that I will take my car so if he is a nuisance I can pack him off and take him home.  I must admit I am getting a bit nervous about the whole thing as I would rather not make a complete idiot of myself with a dog running a muck and out of control. I went through the same process with Basso but he took to it like a duck to water and seemed to understand the whole process and what he was supposed to do.  Dan is a much more timid dog so I am not sure how he will be I don't think he is gun shy as he has not reacted to gun fire but who knows how he will react to dead birds falling out of the sky.  

With this late start I had better get going as the day is a wasting!!!  Have a good day all

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