Monday morning

Good morning all.  What a night, I had a real nightmare from which I woke in melt down it was so real.  I think I might inadvertently have sparked it off myself the last thing I remember thinking about was trying to see what the future holds for me.  Very stupid as I know you cannot see into the future and you just never know what is around the corner.  However I managed to really depress myself just before I fell asleep.  My brain then took over and played a disaster movie for me.  Anyway on the good side I fell back to sleep and slept soundly for three hours and now feel much better and rested.  

Yesterday was a good day I hit Aldi and did a massive shop and restocked so this week should be easy.  Today I have some mince out ready to make a cottage pie for lunch and for supper we are going to have some ham and cheese toasted sandwiches so that is the menu organised.  The laundry is now up to date but dusting is something that needs doing however Denny is due tomorrow so that will be taken care of.  

The chicken carcass has been in the slow cooker and made some decent stock so I think a risotto might be in order for tomorrow.  It is still very cold here but we have not had any snow yet and according to the weather forecast it is going to get warmer and wetter again.  I must say it has been really lovely to see the sun even though it has been very cold.  

I have nothing planned for this week it is just going to be a case of muddling through.  Sadly now that my hotel is fully booked I don't have a chance to invite friends to stay.  With any luck the colouring book and pencils should arrive today fingers crossed that Mike will enjoy it.  

That is about it for this morning time to have another coffee and get the cottage pie under way.

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