Monday morning

Good morning all it is pouring with rain here and blowing a gale.  The ambulance for Mikes return is booked for 11am so that will be four for lunch.  The dogs are patrolling around waiting for their walk but none of us feel like getting soaked first thing. They of course don't see the problem as they are immune to weather conditions!! 

I think we are all set up for Mikes return and his room is all prepared.  We gave the laundry a caning yesterday but today the beds need to be done.  Thank heavens for tumble dryers as I cannot use my airer any more as there isn't a square inch to put it up.  Tomorrow the guy is coming first thing to put up the new blinds so a couple of busy days ahead.

The boys are going out this morning to do some chores and a bit of shopping for me but as yet I have made no decisions as to lunch and dinner. Perhaps something simple like a carbonara and salad for supper and something individual for lunch as timing will be an issue perhaps a pasty or some soup.  I have a butternut squash and that makes really lovely soup.

Well whatever I am going to do I had better get on with it as time is marching by and the rain has finally stopped.  Have a good day all and thanks for your moral support through these difficult times.
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