Monday morning

Good morning all I guess it is back to real life after the holiday season.  Yesterday was a day of deluge it rained constantly all day not heavily but incessantly.  I pottered in the kitchen for a while we had some left over mash and some cooked leeks so I amalgamated them added and egg and some flour and made potato cakes which we had with some of the Serrano ham and a massive chopped salad.  I have been hankering for a salad for days.  For supper I finished the left over salad with a frikadellen, the boys had beans and fried eggs with theirs.  I bought a turkey leg and thigh in Morrison and today I am going to cook it in the oven as though it were a piece of veal - with butter rosemary and lemon zest.  I think long and slow is the answer and with any luck there should be enough for cold and salad for supper.  The antibiotics are doing their stuff and I am feeling much better in myself but now is the time not to get carried away and over do it.  I have almost finished the next kimono jacket and I now know the pattern by heart.  Sadly it is one of those stupid patterns which rely on counted rows rather than measured length.  The border is a two row pattern it then asks for these two rows to be repeated 26 times it would be so much easier if it said continue until it measures x number of inches.  I gave up using knitting counter and now use a shot gun counter which is much easier.

Oh boy, it has just started raining again and the ground is already saturated still I suppose it could be worse it could be snow!!!  Anyway I am staying indoors not matter what.  I am beginning to get the spring cleaning bug everywhere I look I see something that could use a good clean interestingly the boys are completely blind to these things.

I had a chat with Mike on the phone yesterday and he seems to be a bit more cheerful and looking forward to getting out of the hospital so I hope they find him a bed in rehab soon.  He is now off the oxygen so he stands a much better chance.  He has finally agreed to see his brothers so Jeff is going to try for Tuesday which will be great unless he is in transit which will mess things up.

Well thats about it for today have a good day have a good one. 
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