Friday morning

Good morning all  -  I hope you are sitting down before reading this - I am ecstatically happy even if every muscle in my body is screaming.  Dante was a total star and behaved beautifully.  Just to add to my anxiety there was a film crew on the shoot so I was doubly afraid.  Denzil got roped into the beating line so he too is a bit stiff this morning.  It could not have been a more perfect day the sun was shining the sky was cloudless it was crips and cold but we were wrapped up nice and warm so it was fine.
Early start

Lees court valley

Guns waiting

Muddy tracks for off road driving

Lovely bracket fungus

 A fair size bag of birds but before you get upset about this photo just remember that this is food and these birds have had a much better life than any chicken you have ever eaten and probably at least as many got away.

On the final drive a partridge came down wounded so I sent Dan to do his stuff and bless him he did fine and brought it back to me from the deep cover where it had fallen.  He caused a bit of consternation as he is a very unusual dog on shoots.  Lady Sondes joined us for a couple of drives and she had a chat with us and admired Dan so what more can you ask.  

When we got home Denzil needed a long hot soak to relax his muscles and supper was a take away burger and chips.  We had been fed large buns full of bacon, quiche, chocolate cake all washed down with a big mug of tomato soup served by Lady Sondes chef.  

Well that was yesterday and today I am going to rest on my laurels and do as little as possible.
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