Friday morning

Yesterday I finally got out and went shooting.  I had just one round of skeet which is only 25 shots but it was perishingly cold so that was enough for me.  Two very nice guys asked us to join them so we didn't have to wait.  I shot really badly and one of the guys, who really could shoot, helped me to get a few more clays.  One thing he advised was to use different cartridges with more pellet per shot which would give me a better chance.  Every time I go shooting there are always good shots who who are only too happy to help you shoot better.  It is so nice to be encouraged.  Anyway having frozen ourselves it was back to the club house and a bacon and egg sandwich and a big mug of tea. Denzil and I also shared a portion of chips - they cater for men so the portions are huge.

James had stayed behind and babysat so he had fed Mike and himself for lunch and we had a takeaway for supper which meant no cooking at all the whole day!!!  It did me a power of good to get out and away from home for a few hours.  I love my home but you can have too much of a good thing and I think I was going stir crazy.  I really will have to make an effort to get out a bit more and recharge my batteries.  

James has a dental appointment today and I think they are going to fit a temporary tooth while the permanent one is made.  I'm sure he will be glad not to look as if he has had his tooth knocked out in fight.  It is kind of embarrassing to be minus a front tooth!!!

I finally carved off the last of the Serrano ham and vac packed it ready to use in the base of many dishes.  It is nice to have the space back in the kitchen as it took up quite a bit of the work surface.  

Today it is considerably warmer and we are due for a deluge this afternoon according to the forecast.  not a day for outdoor work.  My green house is still in need of clearing but it can wait for a while until the weather is a bit more favourable.  

Have a good day all  
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