Friday Morning

This week has just dragged by it seems to have gone on forever.  I expect it is all the upheaval that has made it feel that way.  Some weeks just fly by but not this one.  Mike kicked up with the financial advisor when he came but I shut him down before he really caused trouble.  He seems to think by moving our money from an ISA in his name to our joint account has robbed of his money.  Despite explaining why it is necessary he told the advisor it is because he is crazy!!!! It was a good job I was here to set the record straight.  The volleys of barbs are diminishing which is making life a bit more bearable. This house is now a group of 4 bed sits with communal cooking and dining.  Having lost our sitting-room their is no alternative.  Most of us are happy with the arrangement as we all have our own space to retreat to when the going gets tough.

James made an appointment with the dentist but the earliest they can see him is next Wednesday and I suspect it will be even later when they get round to replacing the lost tooth.  It is a bit embarrassing to be without a front tooth as it is so obvious.

The beef that I had prepared for supper no one really fancied so it has been pushed forward to lunch today.  It was not as if we had had a large lunch as we had just some vegetable soup and bread roll but none of us were in the mood for a full meal at supper time.

The temperature has dropped like a stone and we are only just above freezing but much more what we expect in January.  Well that about it for this morning the dogs are out burning off a bit of energy with Denzil so the house is very quiet and I am making the most of the peace- more coffee!!!!
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