Friday Morning

Good morning all just when you think things are improving another problem hits.  Mike has been in Barts for 24 hours and has already caused problems refusing to do what he is asked.  I took him in some clothes so he can get dressed and suggested that if he were to unpack the bag he would know what clothes he had - absolute flat refusal - so everything is still in the bag.  He has already upset the staff who have explained that they are there to help but if he doesn't want help he might as well go home.  From which he deduced that he is coming home today.  Denzil came with me for moral support and to carry the bag and was shocked at just how nasty Mike was to me.  He used to reserve his venom for James but I guess as he is staying out of the firing line I am the next best thing.  I came home very upset and at a complete loss as to what to do next.  I think we may have reached the point where I need to do some serious investigating of care homes.  One thing is for certain I am not visiting to be insulted.  

On a more inspiring note I put all my game through the mincer together with some pork belly strips I added the usual veg garlic onion celery and carrot and left it to simmer for about an hour.  The resulting rag├╣ we had on some pasta for supper and while it has a bit of a gritty texture, it is nice and tasty so today I will make the rest up into pies once I have boiled a few spuds.  I guess if beef makes cottage pie and lamb makes shepherds pie then this must be hunters pie.  Not to be confused with a hunting lunch which is 2 paracetamol and a cup of tea!!!!!! Just enough to get you through the afternoon when beating or picking up when you are an old crock like me.

Well I think this all the news for today I think I have lots to research and I am hoping to have a chat with the ward sister and see what she has to say.  I'm sure they will not be happy to have Mike if he is refusing to cooperate.

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