Wednesday morning

Good morning all yesterday was another day in limbo Mike is still in hospital and as yet we have no news as to what is happening or when.  So it is a case of treading water until there is some change or some information.  In the mean time we are just keeping the house going and getting on with the hundred and one jobs that need doing.  We have been living on quick food so last night I roasted a duck for supper and today the carcass is going in the pot to make stock.  I must say it was lovely and made a change from baked beans and fish fingers.

I did a fairly large shop so we should be ok for a few days.  I also made a large batch of bubble and squeak which is in the freezer ready to accompany cold meats over the christmas holiday.  Today I am intending to make lots of sweated vegetables, carrot onion and celery, and put them in the freezer ready for soups and stews which cuts down on the work.  Anything for an easy life!!!

Having had a day of rain yesterday it is much colder but lovely and bright and it is lovely to see the sun again.  

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