Wednesday morning

Good morning all another long lie in but punctuated with phone calls.  Now that Mike can use his phone he rings and asks me to come in every morning and every morning I explain that visiting doesn't start until 2pm.  The ward clerk then phoned me only to say the same thing which makes it all rather distressing.  It looks like they are ready to move him to rehab but are waiting for oxygen to be on hand.

We got loads of chores done yesterday renewal of Mikes blue badge which meant a trip to the library which is impossible to park anywhere near by as it is in the centre of town.  I got my hair cut so I no longer look like a shaggy pony and it should last until well after the holidays.  Today I have to take the dogs to the vet for their booster jabs.  The bins are out and the boys have walked the dog now all I need to do is sort out the food for the day.  As we will be walking home past the bakers I thing pasties might make a nice lunch.  Then I have some chicken thighs for supper but as yet  I haven't decided how to cook them.  They are so versatile almost anything is possible, I might just casserole them in the slow cooker with a pile of vegetables.

Anyway time I got going as the appointment is at 10.45 and I am still in my dressing gown but I thought I would scribble a few words first.

Have a good day all even though the weather is a bit miserable we haven't seen the sun in days!!!!

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