Wednesday and Turkey out day

Good morning all yesterday I had a bit of a melt down the rehab have now refused to take Mike. James went and collected all his stuff and apologised for all the messing around they have been caused.  I just felt deflated and defeated I don't think there is anything else I can do to ameliorate the situation.  Today I will take him in his stuff but I don't feel much like a friendly visitor and who knows where he will be for christmas now that the rehab have refused to take him.

Anyway that aside today is our final shopping expedition I need some fruit [Clementines Oranges Apples Lemon and Limes] always useful to have around.  Milk and Bread then I think we can slam the front door and abandon the outside world for a few days.

The new router turned up after lunch and the boys have set it all up so it is running very smoothly no more crashing devices.  iPads iPhones and play station all running smoothly.  I did however have to reenter a million passwords before I could get myself back blogging.  However hopefully now when I publish it should be with you moments after I press the publish button.  Well that's the theory anyway!!!

How are your preparations going?  Do you feel under control or has panic set in.  I must admit that years and years of practice have certainly made me more organised.  Yesterday I set to and cleaned the ovens and got the last loads of washing done so it should be plain sailing from now on.  Time to get the bird out of the freezer and hope it defrosts in time.  It is only small so it should be well thawed by the big day.
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