Tuesday morning

It is hosing down with rain outside and from what I have seen of the weather forecast this is likely to set in for the day.  Thank goodness I buzzed around doing the errands yesterday.  However I do have to take a trip to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  

I went to see Mike last night in hospital and he was very miserable but his physical condition looks good and he is off the oxygen and maintaining his saturation levels.  I am hoping they see fit to send him back to rehab fairly soon.  I had a chat with the sister of the ward who went through his notes with me and I filled in the blanks for her.  However knowing the system they will probably send him back to the ward he came from which will just delay things.

The wonderful Denny is due today and for once the house is quite tidy.  I have plans today to make lots of bubble and squeak and put it in individual portions in the freezer as it makes an ideal accompaniment to cold meats over the holidays.  Actually I have lots of veg which is on the blink and needs dealing with so that is my goal for today.  I bought a frozen duck which is defrosting on the draining board and will make a nice meal for us once I have blasted it through the oven. The carcass will make some good stock and the excess fat will be kept for roast potatoes. What more can you ask of a bird?

Have a good day all and remember the umbrella!!!!

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