Tuesday morning

Good morning all - yesterday was a bit of a slob day I didn't do much but some knitting and watching rubbish on the TV.  Lunch was the last of the boiled ham with bubble and squeak and for dinner we had a take away curry as the leftovers are finished and I need to get cooking again.  I went to Morrisons the other day in search of a lettuce as I fancied a salad but having wandered around I came back with a few bargains but completely forgot the lettuce which just goes to show I am not functioning at full capacity and my nose is still running though I don't feel too bad.  I stayed away from the hospital as they advise apparently they have have enough bugs of their own!!!!

I feel a bit mean not visiting but I think it is the right thing to do and Mike is safer not seeing me until this drippy nose has departed.  I will give them a ring later and check up on him.  James was chatting to person on line who had his appendix removed at the medway hospital and the food was so bad he discharged himself ordered a taxi and went home.  I must say that this does worry me as Mike is very thin and frail looking and I don't think he is eating adequately.  Vitamin C seems to be completely missing from his diet after all you can't live for weeks on end eating nothing but macaroni cheese and ice cream.  Hopefully once he gets to rehab they can start to rebuild his strength and I can visit more readily with some goodies from home.  He has never been one for vegetables but I don't give him the choice.

I had a red cabbage in my vegetable box so I cooked it yesterday and I think it will end up in the freezer for some later date.  Today I have swede and carrots to deal with.  They make a good mash together and freeze just fine.  I will have to look in the freezer and see what is there as my mind has gone completely blank and I have no idea what is in there apart from turkey stock.  I do have a box of mushrooms which are on the blink so lunch may well be mushroom soup.  Soups are such a good way of using up tired vegetables.  I have the ingredients to make a steak and kidney pie but I am not in the mood for something so substantial I fancy light and fresh things so I may have another run out and see if I can remember a lettuce this time!!!!!

Well that is the plan for the day so I am going to get going before I run out of enthusiasm.  Have a good day all and I hope you have managed to clear up all the left overs from the festivities.  Thank heavens for freezers.
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