Tuesday morning

Good morning all well the french farce of moving Mike continues he was at last destined to go to rehab yesterday but then threw a wobbly and ended up staying in hospital.  I spent the whole day dangling and waiting for phone calls that never came.  I was all organised to meet Mike at rehab and help him settle in but it never happened.  Today is another day and they will try again but if he cuts up rough I can see this being another frustrating day.  I am at a loss I really don't know what else I can do so I am handing over to the professionals who might have more success with him than I do but I can see him spending christmas in the hospital at this rate.

There is one bright light on the horizon and that is the new router is due to be delivered by courier today and once we have it all plugged in it is just a case of asking for Virgin to activate it at their end so lets hope that goes smoothly.  The boys are more computer savvy than I am so it will be down to them to get it all up and running.  I am hoping that it will be better able to deal with the traffic from all our devices.  

Tomorrow we will be doing our final shop mostly for milk though I do have some long life in the garage should we run dry.  We have made a start on the Serrano ham which is a pain to cut thinly but my wonderful smoked salmon knife is making it much easier.  As I carve a crowd gathers and as fast as I cut so it disappears any crumbs or off cuts are soon hoovered up by the four footed friends who also have a passion for the ham.  It made a very nice addition to some jacket potatoes for yesterdays lunch and no doubt it will find its way into our meals today.  I think a few chopped slices will go well with the sprouts on christmas day not to mention the inevitable turkey pie which will follow.

Although it is warm it is blowing a gale and hosing down with rain at the moment and I think this is the forecast for the rest of the week absolutely no chance of a white christmas.  Pity I like the snow!!!!

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