Tuesday Morning

Good morning all first some good news and that is that they are trying for a bed for Mike back at the rehab unit the bad news is that they have to go through the whole assessment procedure again.  On the up side after asking on 5 separate occasions if some one could look in Mikes ears to check for wax as he is complaining his hearing aids don't work.  Yesterday I took matters into my own hands and went visiting with an auriscope and checked for myself and low and behold there was the marble bust of Cesare. Now we know why his hearing aids don't work.  

The man came and did the final measure for the blinds and they will be delivered on 12 January so a nice new year present and a good excuse to have a major clean first.  Virgin have done the work on the exchange and the new router will arrive on 22nd by courier.  Once we have installed it we then need to phone them to activate it.  

My exterior light has been broken for ages so yesterday Denzil fixed it which makes such a difference as it lets me see my way to the garage and the freezer  which is especially useful on these dark winter days.

I finally had my blitz in the kitchen and made loads of sweated veg ready for soups and stews and saved the veg from ending up in the bin.  I had a real glut of carrots so they are now glazed carrots and in the freezer.  I also demolished the ironing pile so all in all a pretty successful day.

If all goes according to plan I am off to Shiona's tomorrow for the day unless there is movement on the Mike front so nothing is set in stone.  

Well thats about it for today now for the thorny issue of lunch and dinner!!!! but first more coffee
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