Tuesday Morning

Good morning all I have finally worked out how I am sleeping so much better.  When I wake at 4am I take my antidepressant tablet and then snuggle back down.  Of course it must act quickly and with full power on an empty stomach and away I go.  It has taken me a while to work this out which is quite embarrassing really.  Anyway I am happier now I know what is going on and it makes sense to me.  

Yesterdays visit to the hospital confirmed that they are looking for a placement for Mike but he has to be assessed by the community staff first.  No one has had a look in his ears and when I asked him one of the nurses heard me shouting at him and told me they are not allow to look in ear this is a respiratory ward.  What kind of nursing doesn't allow you to look in a patients ears to see if they are bunged up with wax.  It is not as if I have asked them to do anything just look, there are days when I despair about the profession.  They have an audiology department in the hospital but there doesn't seem to be any joined up thinking. In the mean time the hearing aids sit on the bed table and everyone has to shout at Mike.

I had a good shop in Aldi and restocked the cupboards so we should be OK for a few days.  I suppose at some point I am going to have to tackle the thorny question of Christmas and what we are going to have to eat.  For preference and flavour I like goose but like ducks they are all carcass so there are few if any leftovers which is where the turkey wins hands down.  Anyway I still have time to make the decision.

Today I am off to the hairdresser at lunch time then on to visit Mike if they have not moved him.  It will make a change not to look like a shaggy pony for a while.  Lunch will have to be something on toast and tonight we have a steak each so a very decent supper.

Well that is the plan for the day nothing very exciting we are still treading water which makes me feel very uncomfortable I like plans, lists and certainties.
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