Thursday Morning

Good morning all another day another dollar, nothing has changed Mike is still in hospital but they are hoping to get him back to rehab soon.  When is soon? well your guess is as good as mine.  I find not knowing very disconcerting. Visiting is really depressing as you are treated to a tirade of how everyone is an imbecile no one know what they are doing etc etc. Not true the care he is getting is fine and the staff are on the ball with his condition after all it is bread and butter to them.

Yesterday I put the duck carcass in a pot and made a lovely broth which we had for lunch along with some little pasta and lots of parmesan it was really delicious.  I also had some cauliflower and broccoli which was on the blink so I made a cauliflower cheese.  It is so easy to make cheese sauce in the thermomix.  Supper was a fridge forage and toast.  I had picked over the duck carcass so the dogs thought they had died and gone to heaven.

Denzil took on the laundry duties so all I have to do is a bit of ironing everything else is done what joy!!!  I must say I am so glad to have both boys here as the work is load is evenly shared between us so life is nice and easy for all concerned.  If I leave a sink full of washing up some kind fairy does it for me.

The weather has turned today and we are back to gloom after a lovely sunny day yesterday but Shiona is coming over and I have some mince which will be meat balls soon and I have made a nice red pepper and tomato sauce to go with them.  I never got around to doing the sweated vegetables but I might have a go today or tomorrow depending on the time I have, there is no rush.  The general uncertainty means all my plans are open to change.  In Aldi I found some nice plastic containers which are oven, freezer and microwave proof so ideal for reheating anyway you like.  I am hoping tomorrow to go to Faversham and pick up a few goodies for christmas and I might even treat myself to one of their wonderful breakfasts.  They now have a butchery section with a good selection of meat and butchers who know their stuff.

Well that about it for this morning time to start the meat balls and get them underway have a good day all.

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