Thursday morning

Good morning all today I am going over to Shiona's house and having a day off which is probably just as well as Mike thinks I am the wicked witch of the west.  Yesterday when I went to visit I discovered that he has been hiding his frusemide tablets because he decided he didn't want or need them.  I tried to explain why they were necessary but he wasn't buying it so I dropped him in it with the staff and I am now persona non grata and was summarily dismissed with a look that would fry eggs.  We are hoping they might get him moved today and hopefully a 24 hour break from me will allow him to realise I am only doing things to try to make him better not to be mean.

In the morning we had appointments at the vets with both Tubby and Dante who were due their boosters and annual health check.  They were seen by a very nice Spanish lady vet who gave them a thorough look over and was impressed with their condition and general fitness.  Tubby is built like a tank and reminds me of the muscle bound body builders.  Dan on the other hand is all arms and legs and reminds me of an awkward gangly teenager.  Anyway that is them sorted for another year.  We bought pasties for lunch on the way back and in the end I decided to just plain fry the chicken and serve it with a cream sauce and a sort of rice pilaff on the side.

Today the boys are under their own steam and no doubt they will find something to satisfy their hunger.  I am going to take the dogs with me so they too can have a change of scene and a romp around Shiona's big garden.

The sun is sneaking over the horizon so time I hit the shower and got myself underway.  She lives an hours drive away and I would like to miss the bad rush hour traffic in Maidstone and I also need to fuel the car, so things to do.  Have a good day all I have every intention of having wonderful day off.
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