Sunday Morning

Little kimono jacket finished but in need of an iron on the seams.  It is much more coat weight than cardigan but hopefully it will keep a little person warm and it's one way to use up gash wool.  The turkey is done and finished but I have enough turkey broth to have a bath in.  No problem for me I love it.  

I went in to see Mike yesterday and took him in a bag full of goodies I know his appetite is small so it was all little bits and bobs he could munch his way through during the day.  He seemed in better spirits and the nurse told me they had been bullying him which is the only way to go so they have my full permission as it is exactly what he needs. Left to his own devices he will do nothing.  Fingers crossed that they get the infection under control and finally get him out to rehab on the third attempt.  

I have been feeling a few degrees under for the last couple of days with a runny nose and I think the cold has finally got me so I may well give myself a day off and stay in the warm and drink turkey broth Oh what a hardship!!!!!  The boys are quite capable of throwing a few things together for themselves and the fridge and freezer are groaning.  

Have a lovely day all it is still really warm here but wet and windy but at least we don't run the risk of flooding being on the top of a hill.

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