Sunday morning

Good morning all.  If like me you were hoping for an update on Mike you and I are both disappointed.  I went to visit yesterday and the ward he was on had open visiting but when I arrived he was nowhere to be found so I asked where he was and was told he had been transferred to the ward that discharged him.  They rang through and asked if I could pop in as I was there but sadly I was refused entry.  So I came home madder than a wet hen.  Yet another communications failure.  I will try again today and hope for some good news.

The guy came to talk me through the replacement blinds which I have decided to go ahead with as I have a huge reduction as I have had my blinds for 10 years.  I have decided on the honeycomb style which will give extra insulation without cutting out too much light. 

Hopefully they will keep heat in in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer.  I must admit the chap selling the blinds was a really lovely man and very easy to talk to as he didn't have to sell me the blinds I am a total convert.  Anyway 4 to 6 weeks and the new ones should be ready.  

I made us a nice chicken and aubergine curry for lunch and the boys made bacon sandwiches for supper.  Today I have a duck crown which I intend to roast along with a tray of roasted root vegetables.

Yesterday was very gusty and it has rained heavily overnight but it is dry at the moment though we are in very thick cloud and it is pretty dark outside despite being daylight.  

Ok time for cup of coffee number two then to burst into life................
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