Saturday morning

Good morning all. Yesterday was a very busy day with a big shop for all sorts of stupid things that were running low like toilet paper and soap powder etc.  Necessary but boring and not the sort of things you want to run out of.  I did however get some cranberries and have made the sauce for the big day.

Mike has been moved to the new ward while he waits for his rehab bed to become available which is driving all of us crackers.  It is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string!!!! No one has an answer so we just wait and wait.  I will go and visit him later and hope he is in a better frame of mind. There just doesn't seem to be any way to cheer him up and he doesn't seem to realise that his condition is so much better than when he was admitted. You would think that as they are trying to discharge him would give him a hint.

This morning I am off to visit my friend Elaine for a cup of coffee and a catch up chat which will break the monotony of home life for a couple of hours.  I also need to deliver a panettone to her which I promised to get from Faversham.  

I am running very late this morning so I will cut this short and get going.  Have a great weekend we seem to have barbecue weather here not exactly seasonal!!!!!
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