Saturday morning

Good morning all.  First an update on Mike - still nothing - I spoke to the nurse in charge and she agreed that they were not doing anything for Mike that could not be done in the rehab placement so why is he still there? The medics are just very slow at getting things moving and now it is the weekend the hospital is run by fairies no doubt nothing will happen until Monday.  I had a nightmare last night I dreamt I came home in the car and found him stood in the road in an open backed gown where he had been dumped. In my dream I then tried to find out how this had happened and was just given the runaround.  I think this was a frustration dream rather than a nightmare. All the uncertainty is driving us all crackers.

I managed to get a bit of cooking done yesterday and my pigs in blankets are safely in the freezer.  I found some wonderful plastic boxes in Aldi which can stand up to 200ºC so I can put them straight in the oven to reheat.  I also made a batch of meat balls half we ate for lunch the rest are frozen for some other occasion.  Today I have some chicken which I am going to make into a curry for lunch and I have lots of veg that needs dealing with.

On the back of the house I have some concertina blinds which are actually designed for conservatories but they keep the strong sun out when it is very hot and in the winter when the sun is very low I can part drop them to keep the sun out of our eyes.  They are made by Sanderson's and man is coming this morning as they have a deal on where they will buy back my blinds for 50% of the initial cost and replace them with new. This sounds like a good deal to me as I absolutely love them and any reduction is price is worth having.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get the show on the road have a good weekend all.
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