Saturday morning

Good morning all - Mike is now in his new rehab placement and last night I went to visit.  All I can say is I am jealous it is like a hotel with waitress service and I would willingly spend a couple of weeks in there.  He has a lovely individual room with a toilet 2 doors away which is in fact closer than it is at home.  There is a nice dining room and sitting room not much further down the corridor. He has a nice view out of his window over a courtyard garden and the staff seem very friendly and kind I was immediately offered a cup of tea and they had made Mike a couple of slices of toast which I insisted he ate.  He was worried that the hospital had sent him out with no medication but within 5 minutes his medication turned up and one of the drugs had been specially sent up in a taxi as they didn't have it in stock.  Today I have a list of things to take in to him as he will be expected to dress they are short of zimmer frames so I will take his in to him which should make mobilising him easier. Of course after three weeks in bed his is very frail and it will take time to get him going but this is a good start.  There is a huge FREE carpark and it is only about 10 minutes from home so lovely and easy for visiting.

While we were waiting for Mike to be moved his youngest brother popped in to visit us so he has been brought up to running speed with all that has happened.  Sadly as a family they are rubbish at keeping in contact with one and other, birthday and christmas cards don't really cut the mustard.

The sun is just rising and what a beautiful red sky however there is a force nine gale blowing but the temperature is in double figures still so it isn't really cold.  

I feel so much more relaxed now he is out of hospital and I know he is in good hands let's hope he makes the most of this opportunity.

Well that about it for this morning I have lots to do and I also need to hit the shops and sort out some food for the week.  Have a good weekend all 
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