Monday Morning

Good morning all.  Having spent yesterday sleeping I feel a bit brighter this morning I still have a drippy nose but feel better in myself.  My very good friend Elly went to visit Mike and took him a bag of christmas goodies and reported back that he was in good spirits and had been delighted with the bits I had taken him.  I will ring the hospital today but I think I had better keep my drippy nose to myself the very last thing Mike needs now is a cold.

Ham eggs and bubble and squeak are on the menu for today so nothing too taxing in the kitchen.  I weighed the remaining wool and discovered there was just not quite enough to make a second jacket however the pattern has a short sleeved version so that is what I am going to do.  I must admit knitting it all in one piece is very easy the only bits that are a bit taxing are the neck band and cuffs but I am quite good at picking up stitches.  The front borders are all knitted at the same time as the fronts.  Now that I have done one the next should be easier still.

The weather here is breezy but dry and James is out with the dogs who are having a hard job realising that all the lovely smells in the kitchen is not their food!!!!! and christmas lunch is an annual not a daily occasion.  The house looks like a bomb has hit it; how can three people and two dogs make so much mess? Fortunately I don't have the house proud gene so it really doesn't bother me and I know it will just wait until I am ready to deal with it. After all nobody loves you because your floors are clean.

Have a good day all 

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