Monday morning

Good morning all here we go on the final countdown.  I am well behind schedule this morning and Denny is already here working her magic.  Yesterday was a peaceful day with everyone doing their own thing.  I have a box of stuff to go to the charity shop today and a hundred other errands to run. Mikes stuff is still at the rehab place so I am off to fetch it as it looks unlikely that he is going to make it back there in the foreseeable future.  We were really hoping he would be there again soon but things are moving very slowly and beds don't seem to be coming available.  I am hoping if I collect his stuff sods law will operate and a bed will come through.  In the mean time we are up and down to the hospital to visit.

My box of vegetables arrives yesterday and in it is everything I need for the Christmas lunch so I am going to relegate it to the garage to keep cool for a few days as the fridge is full to overflowing.  We have ear marked Wednesday as the final shopping day when we will stock up on milk then it will be a case of slamming the front door and hunkering down to all the festive food and drink. I have probably over catered but as you know I am allergic to food waste so even if I have it will find its way into some other dish and the stock pot will be groaning.  Because I am a bit of an idiot the dogs will get a christmas lunch too.  My dogs have always shared in the christmas lunch as they are very much a part of the family.

Well time is up time I got going have a good one all.
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