Monday morning

Good morning all.  I had a chat with the staff yesterday about Mike and apparently the problem is that the rehab place only keep the bed for 24 hours so now we are back at square one looking for a bed.  Last time it took over a week to find somewhere lets hope it is a bit quicker this time.  Being stuck in the hospital is not doing Mikes depression any good at all.  He is not ill enough to warrant the ward he is on so he is just bored witless.  While I visited James went and did the shopping so we killed two birds with one stone and just look what he bought us for christmas.

I have a passion for this type of ham and all the off cuts end up in soups and stocks.  There is a lot of meat on a whole leg so I have ideas of vac packing some for later. It comes complete with the stand and a knife and sharpener all for £27.  I guess we will not be stuck for suppers for quite a while.  I tried to buy one last year but they sold out before I could get there.

Today is going to be a busy day as I am expecting the engineer from Virgin to install the new broadband and the fitter is coming to measure the blinds as they are made to order.  I must say I am feeling quite excited about the blinds and looking forward to having them in place but that wont be until the new year. They normally take between 4-6 weeks to manufacture but with Christmas in the middle it might be a bit longer.

Well thats about it for this morning time for more coffee and then the pile of ironing which has been patiently waiting for me!!!!!

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