Monday morning

Sorry to be so late again I have been waiting to see if there was any change with Mike but as yet he hasn't been seen by the Medics so we are none the wiser.  I think the consensus of opinion is that he got himself in a state so hopefully they will be looking to send him back to rehab.  He is not on antibiotics so they don't think it is a recurrence of the pneumonia.  In the mean time we are just treading water and keeping ourselves fed and watered.  I need a major shop as we are down to a packet of fish fingers which will do for lunch but then there is nothing obvious for supper so I had better get going and sort out the food for the week.

Denzil is due to see the GP tomorrow to get his forms filled in so he can drive commercially after which he can look for a job but first he needs a tachograph from the DVLA nothing is ever simple is it?

Anyway things are moving forward, all be it very slowly, and patience seems to be the name of the game; sadly I am not good at waiting but I am having to learn.
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