Friday Morning

Not long to go now just another week and we will be there at last I am almost ready so it should be an easy day.  Chestnut stuffing, gravy and bread sauce all made and in the freezer and all I have left to do is make some cranberry sauce.  The christmas card have been done but I have only put them through neighbours doors the rest have been done via the internet and the money has gone to Macmillan.

Yesterdays visit to Mike was a bit of a disaster I had just had a couple of fresh crabs delivered so I hastily cracked a couple of claws and made Mike a lovely crab sandwich [not impressed] I then tried to explain that they were going to move him from high dependancy to a less intensive ward while he waited for a bed in rehab to become available.  He took this all wrong and got really cross with me so I came home well and truly deflated.  I am getting fed up with being the wicked witch of the west no matter what I do. 

This morning I have the peaceful task of picking over the two crabs for our lunch.  It might be a messy job but I put on some music and sit and pick.  While I was away at Shiona's the boys had done all the laundry so that is one less job for me.

The weather has been unseasonably warm and while it is nice I hope it doesn't last over the Christmas period as I like to use my garage as an overflow fridge.

Well thats about it for this morning the dogs are out of food so a shopping expedition is in order and I could use some salad ingredients to go with the crab for lunch.

How go your preparations?

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