Friday Morning

Good morning all well we are at the end of another week which has been pretty topsy turvy.  As Shiona was here I phoned for an update on Mikes condition and was politely told they would not give any information over the phone.  This is in fact correct procedure even though it is very frustrating after all I could be anybody.  I did my training at Hammersmith which was almost next door to the BBC so we often had famous people admitted and the press would try every trick in the book to get information including turning up at visiting with bunches of flowers claiming to be nephews. So we had to be very vigilant if we were to maintain the patients confidentiality.  The funniest incident was a guy who was a bigamist and we had all sorts of fun trying to keep the two wives separate but thats a whole other story.

Shiona and I decided to hit Faversham as she too needed some goodies and what a lot there were having almost filled the car we then hit Aldi as well, finally getting home for a very late lunch.  We ended up having something ultra quick, spinach and ricotta ravioli with the pepper sauce and a slab of freshly baked olive bread to dunk in the sauce. The boys had already fed themselves so the excess turned up for supper.  I now have shedloads of ingredients so today had better be a cooking and freezing day.  However I think I had better hit the hospital first and see if there has been any concrete decision made about Mike. This uncertainty is driving me crazy I can't settle to do anything with a clear conscience. The only good thing to come out of this is I am sleeping for England and catching up on years of tiredness.

I have made a start on the pile of chunky wool which I am knitting up in fisherman's rib.  Then I discovered that my needles were too short so I went to the wool shop and bought a circular needle and while I was there I bought a pattern for a child's cardigan which is knitted all in one piece and will be ideal for some of the other wool.

Well that about it for this morning time to burst into life but not before my second cup of coffee.
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