Friday Morning

Good morning all another lovely long lie in this morning following what was a very nice relaxing day yesterday.  Shiona's garden proved very exciting for Dan and Tubby who spent the whole day charging around playing chase and came home absolutely pooped.  I am also pleased to announce that Dan made the journey without being sick for the first time so that was another bonus.  I think his car sickness is now a thing of the past.

Shiona had made a lovely fish pie for lunch and I ate myself to a standstill so supper was unnecessary.  She had also rooted out some knitting patterns and a bag of wool the size of a pillow so I don't think I am going to want for knitting for the next 5 years. 

There was no word from the hospital to say they were moving Mike so I will ring them shortly and see if today is the day.  I will go in and see him at 2pm if he is still there and hope he has forgotten the previous incident.  

Today we have sunshine which makes a wonderful change form all the dullness we have had of late the sun certainly makes you feel more alive even though it shows up all the dust, of which there is plenty.

I have decided to buy us a christmas present for all the family as we have been suffering a lot of problems with our broadband so I have decided to upgrade to Virgins super fast broadband.  It is largely our only form of entertainment so it seemed like a good plan.  They will be coming to install it on the 14th December so it should be up and running for christmas.  Given that we run one computer 3 tablets, 3 phones and an xbox the current router is not man enough for the job.  

With such a late start I had better get going and sort out some of the chores and see what I can find for lunch and supper, but first a second cup of coffee.  I hope you too are enjoying some nice winter sunshine and lets hope it last for the weekend.
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