Christmas Eve

Good morning all it is wet and windy here but not desperately cold.  I took all Mikes bits and pieces to him yesterday and tried to have a chat with the house officer.  They are pumping him full of antibiotics but my query was, do they know what they are dealing with in terms of bacteria.  Well that floored him and in his broken english he mutter and mumbled but didn't actually come up with an answer.  I explained that we have been down this road before it was after three courses of antibiotics that a nurse had the sense to check and low and behold the wrong antibiotics were being given one course of the correct ones and he was better.  With the number of resistant bugs around it makes even more sense now to check.  A scatter gun approach doesn't seem to have worked so far.  If indeed he is still infected. In which case why try to discharge him? either they have got it wrong twice or he is physically ok but psychologically in trouble.  Either way something needs to be done.  In all this mess the hospital have not bothered to let me know anything. I now ring before visiting to check where he is!!!!! Do you get the feeling that I am exasperated?

My turkey has defrosted so it is going in the fridge until tomorrow and tonight I will take out all the other bits and bobs to defrost.  Sadly people are going to want to eat today which is always a pain I think it will have to be ham egg and chips or some quick thing like scrambled eggs on toast with Serrano ham.  I thought I might prep the base of the turkey and ham pie so that is ready to go and all I need do is add the meat and a pastry lid.

I have been knitting a kimono style jacket for a small child and I hope to get it finished some time today.  I have never knitted a jacket all in one before so it is a bit of a novelty but as the body is in garter stitch it is nice and easy.

The dogs have had an early walk [well done Denzil] the new router seems to have cured all the computer problem and all our tech is running well.  Have a good day all and I hope your preparations are going according to plan.

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