Boxing Day

Good morning all well the big day is over and the kitchen looks like a bomb has gone off in it. However there is plenty of food left so guess what is on the menu today?  You've got it left overs. The dogs had a wonderful time with their new toys and couldn't believe their luck when they joined us for lunch.  Dan got his wish to be a lap dog for a while as you can see in the photo, he has no appreciation of his size and doesn't worry about his dignity.

My visit to the hospital was a productive one as the registrar was there and I managed to have a chat with him.  He has clarified the medical situation that Mike now has a nosocomial infection [hospital acquired] for which they are bombarding him with massive doses of heavy duty antibiotics and it is going to be a long road to recovery. I have been well aware of this risk hence my eagerness to him out of hospital as soon as possible. Mike was pleased to see me and even more pleased to see his panettone.  The hospital had done their best and he had presents and a cracker to have with his lunch. However, two of his companions in the bay had died during the night which does nothing for his spirits.

The Christmas lunch went according to plan and with all the major jobs done before the day and frozen it was an easy task to warm everything through.  The bird was very small so there is not that much left and the carcass is already in the pot along with the ready sweated vegetables so there should be turkey broth for supper.  I don't even think there will be enough for a turkey pie but guess what turkey will be very cheap today so I could get a couple of legs and make a pie with them.  I must admit that I actually fancy a nice fresh salad having had a blowout yesterday.  However first I need to clear up the mess in the kitchen and make some sense of the leftovers.

The weather continues to be wet and windy here but the temperatures are in double figures so it is very mild.

Are you eating leftovers or have you decided on something different?
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