Another Thursday Morning!

Good morning all none of you told me yesterday was Wednesday I was in a flat spin as I was so late I even got the day wrong.  I took Tubby and Dan with me and they had a wonderful time so much so that Dan had to have a bath when we got home.  At the foot of Shiona's garden there is a mud filled drainage ditch which Dan found irresistible.  He certainly has the breeds stamina and spent the day charging around the garden like a lunatic.  Mean while indoors I had a lovely lunch with Shiona and a couple of her friends it was lovely to be out of the home surroundings and away from the all the nonsense that is home life at the moment.  

Shortly I will ring the hospital and see if any progress has been made though I am not hopeful.  I didn't go in to see Mike yesterday so he due a visit today.  The last thing I want is to drive to the hospital just as he is leaving in an ambulance and I don't trust them to let me know. Communication is a word they don't seem to understand.

Today I have a bit of cooking to do for the freezer I have some wonderful stock which I will make into gravy for the bird on christmas day and I also have some sausage meat which is going to be made into chestnut stuffing.  Then I think I am ready with all the side dishes.

The weather is unseasonably warm beneath our blanket of cloud though it has been a bit drizzly.  It looks like today might be a good day to do some laundry and even get it dry outside!

Well thats about it for today time I got underway with some of the jobs I have lined up.  Have a good day all and enjoy this small patch of warm weather.
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