Wednesday morning

Good morning all very late this morning but I refused to get up at 3 when I woke so I tucked myself back down and slept on peacefully.  Then the computer kicked up and wouldn't let me in to the blogosphere and it has taken me ages and lots of resetting of pass words to finally get back in.  

Yesterdays bedlam went well but delivered both ups and downs.  Denzil was hoping to do a bit of driving as a temporary job and of course discovered that he cannot drive commercially as he has had a heart attack and would need a batterie of test first.  Then it was on to see the consultant who was very pleasant and took time to chat to me not that she had anything to say that I was not aware of but they are looking at sending Mike to the the rehabilitation unit rather than sending him home and they are concerned about his very depressed state of mind so they will be having words with his CPN in the hope of working something out.  Anyway it has taken the pressure off me for a while as he is not coming home any time soon and they are hoping to ween him off the oxygen so that should not be a problem.  I will go in and have a chat with him this afternoon and try to explain what the plan is and hopefully it will cheer him up as I know he is concerned about coming home and being a burden.  

In the mean time I am making hay while the sun shines and sleeping and eating well and trying to get myself back to 100% so I am ready when the time comes.  The work is now divided in three which makes life much better and we are muddling along fine.  Denzil has taken over the dog walking as he enjoys it and James is a couple of degrees under still so he too is enjoying the rest.  Perhaps what seemed like a bit of a disaster is actually working out well as we are all having the opportunity to get ourselves back on track and recharge our batteries.  We seem to have settled into a nice regimen where everyone is doing their fair share and the house is running smoothly.

Yesterdays meat balls have been promoted to todays lunch so there is little to think about there so I hope to get ahead a bit so I am not constantly chasing my tail.  The weather is grim and dull but not as cold and not raining so we are grateful for small mercies.  

Have a good day all and thank you for listening to my whinging and whining lets hope things are on the mend now.

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