Wednesday morning

Sorry to be so late again but I have been completely knocked out and slept the sleep of the just.  I cannot remember the last time I have slept for 12 hours but it is amazing what exhaustion can do.  I was feeling much better last night so I went to visit Mike but actually I wish I hadn't as he was very unpleasant and aggressive gave me a list of his requirements and then summarily dismissed me.  I did manage to have a chat with the nurse in charge who was concerned that he seems mentally not 100% however we are uncertain if this is him being cussed or if the infection has scrambled his brain.  They are going to carry out a full assessment and see if they can analyse what is occurring.  I do hope this is not the first signs of dementia and he is just his usual cussed self.  He is back on intravenous antibiotics and up to 6 litres of oxygen as it would appear he has a multi resistant staphylococcus aureus infection on top of his pneumonia.  Anyway there is no talk of his discharge just yet for which I am grateful as we are still a house of iniquity James being the latest casualty. The only truly fit people are the dogs who can't understand why we are all broken.

I spent some time yesterday putting in a large order to Tesco for delivery so we will be fully stocked and not have to go out for a while.  This is were internet shopping really does come into its own when you are knocked off your feet.  I put some lamb mince in the slow cooker which today will make a nice shepherds pie for lunch and after watching master chef I really fancy making buck rarebit for supper tonight.  

After all the storm warnings I was anticipating a really bad night but it was just a bit blowy nothing to write home about and this morning we are bathed in glorious sunshine.  I hope this has brought you up to date with our situation which is improving all be it slowly.
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