Tuesday morning

Good morning all well after yesterdays miscommunication mishap we have been asked to see the consultant at 11.30 this morning lets hope the ducks are in a row this time.  Of course this morning is not so convenient as Denzil has an appointment at the doctors at 10.30 and we have the wonderful Denny due at 8am so this morning is going to be bedlam.  

Mike was very down when I saw him yesterday and is thoroughly fed up with hospital he has been in over two weeks and is getting very restless and who can blame him.  Physically he seems to be doing OK but is still on intravenous antibiotics which are playing havoc with his insides.  Hopefully I will have a better idea of his prognosis once I have made contact with his consultant.  

Yesterday morning we had a hard frost and this morning it is pouring with rain but at least it is several degrees warmer.  Every one was scraping windscreen but my car has a magic button which switches everything on to melt the ice it is just a case of sitting and waiting as the engine warms up.  

We took the dogs for a run on the rugby field and for once Dan managed a walk without falling over in the mud.  He will try to turn as fast as Tubby but gets his lanky legs in a muddle and lands on his face.

The chicken leftovers saw us through yesterday but today I will have to hunt down something for lunch and supper.  I have some mince so I think I might make some meatballs in tomato sauce which we can have with some pasta and a salad.  They  might have to be for supper as I am out for a large part of the morning.  However if I get started now I might get the mix done before lunch.  I find it is always better for having some time for the flavours to mix before cooking.  

Ok it has stopped raining for a moment so now is a good time to head for the freezer and stay dry.  Have a good day all and when I have some news I will let you know.
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