Thursday morning

I am in a bit of a muddle this week I got up convinced it was Friday fortunately the computer doesn't lie about the date.  The boys both have appointments this morning so I am going to be on my own for a while.  

I went to visit Mike yesterday and explained that he will be going to rehab for a while to get him back on his feet.  He was not best pleased but I managed to get him to understand that in his current condition being at home would be very difficult.  Once his continence problems are sorted out things will be much easier.  I also had a word with the staff about his hearing aids which he claims are useless so as a first step could someone look in his ears and make sure they are not full of wax which might be the problem.  He is finally off the intravenous antibiotics but is still on an oral dose and if my chest is anything to go by it is going to take a while to clear his chest of all the gunk.  I must say that the nursing care he has received has been excellent and they have done everything really well.  In the good old day we used to send patients for convalescence and I guess rehab is just a new name for a similar idea some time patients don't warrant the intensive care of a hospital but are still not fit enough to go home so a half way house is ideal to get the walking wounded back up to running speed.

Needless to say in all this kerfuffle christmas had been postponed as we are just living one day at a time until we know what is happening and much will depend on what state Mike is in.  Fortunately the boys and I are happy to just muddle along as best we can and any forward planning has gone out of the window.  

I have a pile of meat balls left from yesterday but as yet I haven't decided what to do with them and they could end up in the freezer.  I have a pork fillet which I am going to stuff with prunes and wrap in bacon before cooking.  I also have a nice cabbage which will go well with the pork.  James has been largely off his food so I keep finding myself with left over meals and the dogs are doing rather well.  

Time for a second cup of coffee and get the day underway.

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