Thursday morning

This is a bit more like my usual time, having caught up with lots of lost sleep I must say that I do feel better.  Yesterday I managed to catch up on a bit of the paper work at home but I really could use a filing clerk as I tend to end up with piles of paper that just gather dust.  There seem to be loads of little jobs that end up taking forever, like renewing Mike's blue badge.  I have however added Denzil to the car insurance so he can use the car if he needs to or to run an errand for me.

James had a very rough day yesterday and his chest is suffering but I am hopeful that as he is so much younger he will bounce back a bit more quickly than I did.  Denzil is teetering on the edge but as yet has not succumbed.  

My large order from Tesco arrived as scheduled yesterday afternoon so we are now well stocked for the next few days by which time we should all be on the mend I hope.  Today for lunch I have some pork belly strips which I intend to cook in a barbecue sauce with plain boiled rice and a salad for lunch.  I think I will give the pork head start by giving it a blast in the pressure cooker first.  I also got lots of mince which is so versatile I can make lots of stuff with it.  

I have had Mike's electric razor on charge for 24 hours so when I run it in to him this afternoon it should hopefully last him a week.  Sadly the ward he is on is a five mile hike from the main entrance which makes it a bit of a trek especially if you have to park miles away in the car park so by the time I reach the ward I am usually coughing and wheezing like mad.  It seems to be the changes in air temperature that set me off but every day the coughing is getting less so I think I have definitely turned the corner.

I'm sorry if this is really boring believe me I am very bored with the whole thing and would love to be back to my usual self.  I am, however, trying to be sensible and not over do it when I feel good though the temptation is huge.  Housework can wait until things settle down a bit after all it wont go away and will still be waiting for me when I am ready.  

Ok time for a second cup of coffee and a quick blitz through the kitchen ready to face the day.
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