Thursday morning

Good morning all - first an update on Mike who is faring much better now that he has been persuaded or forced to do what he is told.  The physios made him get up and walk with a frame of course movement makes him cough which hurts but is necessary to shift what is in his chest.  His breathing is much improved and hopefully he is on the mend.  I was so poleaxed with tiredness that the boys went to visit without me as I had fallen into a deep sleep they decided to leave me in peace for which I am duly grateful.

Today is our 38th wedding anniversary and the boys organised a card for Mike to write which was nice of them. 

Yesterday I found that I had masses of vegetables which needed using so I made a massive pot of vegetable soup and a batch of courgette pancakes which we had for supper.  Lunch had been a simple salad with tuna burgers which never cease to amaze me they are so easy and so tasty.  I now have gallons of soup remaining which will be put in the freezer for another occasion.  We are trying to demolish all the items that are in 3's so when Mike comes out we can go back to 4's again.  Despite my soup yesterday I still have loads of vegetables to use up.  I have a rather sad cauliflower which will make a nice cauliflower cheese which everyone likes especially with a topping of crispy bacon.  

The weather has been rather wet and according to the weather forecast we are in for more rain today and tomorrow with odd breaks in the cloud cover.  The boys took a big pile of clothing to the clothes bank and I still have a box full of stuff for the charity shop so I may get it dumped today.  The house is not such a problem with clutter it is the sheds and garage which fill me with horror and I think in the end a skip might be the simplest answer.  I have offered the contents to everyone I can think of and much of the useable stuff has gone but there are still acres of rubbish to clear.  Our new next door neighbours have relieved me of the large aluminium ladders which are tall enough to reach the roof of our houses and I really can't see me climbing up that far.

Thats about it for today time I got on with something constructive have a good day all and lets hope the rain is only sporadic not continuous.
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