Sunday morning

Yesterday's visit to the hospital went really well Mike was chirpy and looking forward to a move and change of environment. His chest is improving and his oxygen is right down.  Hopefully he should move on Monday but nothing is written in stone.

It is dull and breezy outside and yesterday it was really cold and drizzly the weather does nothing to lift the spirits.  I am amazed at my capacity to sleep I woke as usual at 4 am but decided to stay in my warm bed and promptly fell back asleep.  In the past if I had done this I would have had the mother of all head aches but I seem to be suffering no ill effects.  Anyway I am enjoying all the extra sleep I am getting perhaps I am just more relaxed with both boys at home.  

I have a pile of paperwork to sort out which I have been just stacking up until I felt more like doing it but I think I am just avoiding it now so time to put my shoulder to the wheel.  I took out some chicken thighs and I am now debating what to do with them.  I think I might just go for something simple like sauté chicken and buttery rice.  Quick easy and tasty.  

I have booked a couple of things for next week first I am going to have a hair cut on Tuesday and then I am going over to Shiona's for the day on Thursday.  She has some knitting patterns for children's cardigans which I am hoping to borrow.  I have just finished another baby blanket which is due for the charity shop so I am ready for another project.  I have the wool but no patterns.  

Well everyone is now up and about so I had better get my act together and stop scribbling.  Have a good day all.

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