Sunday morning

Good morning all it is absolutely freezing here at the moment with the thermometer at -0.2ºC. Yesterday we had a freezing wind which made if feel really cold when we did out circuit via the hospital.  Mike was in reasonable spirits but getting very fed up with being in hospital which I fully understand.  I am hoping to have a word with his consultant on Monday and they have asked me to go in around 9 am.  I am hoping to to get a prognosis from him as to how he feels this infection will progress and what the likely outcome is.  

James has been knocked sideways by his chest infection and slept for most of yesterday, we woke him at regular intervals for food, water and antibiotics but left him to sleep in between. The dogs are very confused as James is the light of their lives and now he seems to be broken!!! Tubby has not left his side except for necessary excursions and meals. 

Today I have a chicken to put through the halogen oven and that will keep us in food for a while.  Not very imaginative but very low in effort required and something nice and easy to eat.  We none of us seem to have any spare energy so we are just keeping our heads above water and waiting for time to take its course. This is becoming tedious in the extreme.  At least Denzil and I are up and about all be it moving quite slowly and with little enthusiasm.  

Well that's about it for this morning, I am freezing, so I am going to make another cup of coffee and take it back to bed and snuggle under the duvet.
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