Saturday Morning

Good morning all.  Yesterdays hospital visit went well Mike is a bit brighter and is asking for some magazines to read as he is finally beginning to get bored.  We chatted about the benefits of going for rehab prior to coming home and I think he sees the advantages of getting as well as possible before coming back.  At the moment there is no mention of when or where so we are still living day by day.  I have been waking with the odd panic attack but that is hardly surprising given the circumstances.  I have however booked myself a hair appointment for next week and thought I might just as well get that done and out of the way while Mike is laid up.

James seems to be over the worst of his chest but has discovered just how debilitated you feel afterwards with no spare energy for anything but keeping it together.  I am feeling physically stronger each day but it has been a slow climb out of the hole.

We had a lovely surprise the fish monger phoned me as some fishermen had got some nice trout over night so instead of bassa fillets we had trout fillets and I have also put 3 big fillets in the freezer for some other occasion.

As yet I have made no food plans for today and I think I will wait for the boys to get up and see what they fancy before I get stuck in.  

There are various bits and pieces in the freezer so I am sure we will come up with something I quite fancy a cottage pie made with one of the packs of mince but I am open to suggestions.  I also have some chicken thighs so maybe a curry might be in order I will wait and see.

Well thats about it for this morning not a whole lot to report as we are just ticking over until we can see a way forward.

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